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Introduction to Monochrome Multitudes


Smart Museum of Art

[Orianna Cacchione]
Hi, I’m Orianna Cacchione, curator of global contemporary art at the Smart Museum and a Lecturer in the Department of Art History and one of the curators of this exhibition.

[Christine Mehring]
Hi, my name is Christine Mehring. I am the Co-curator of this exhibition and a faculty member in the Department of Art History, and a Faculty Adjunct Curator of the Smart Museum of Art.

[Orianna Cacchione]
The exhibition is divided between two types of spaces, rooms that are organized by a single color.

[Christine Mehring]
And rooms that are organized by themes.

[Orianna Cacchione]
And in all of these rooms, you will find QR codes and you can listen to different scholars and students and experts.

[Christine Mehring]
They draw you in and help you see something more than just the single color that you’re expecting.

[Orianna Cacchione]
They take you deeper into the works.

[Christine Mehring]
On your way out. We encourage you to explore monochrome art across campus with the help of a map which you can pick up at the front desk.

[Orianna Cacchione]
Eventually you’ll start to find monochromes everywhere.

Several small-scale works are displayed in a gallery

Installation view, <em>Monochrome Multitudes</em>, 2022. Photo by Tyler Mallory.

Installation view, Monochrome Multitudes, 2022. Photo by Tyler Mallory.

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Five small-scale artworks are displayed in a spare arrangement on a white gallery wall. Near center are two framed black images. To their right, and lower on the wall, is the alphabet, reproduced in upper and lower case letters using a playful blue font that incorporates bold circles and thin vertical rods. At far right is a collage with cartoon animals looking at abstract art. At the far left is a white ledge, on top of which is visible book open for display.

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